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outdoor transparent led displays

What kinds of transparent LED displays are there?

Transparent LED screen is a new type of LED display technology, which is characterized by high transparency and flexibility. According to different classification standards, transparent LED  screens are divided into the following categories.

indoor transparent led display

1. Installation method:

    - Embedded transparent LED screen: embedded in the glass curtain wall of the building, forming a seamless connection with the curtain wall.

    - Adhesive  transparent LEDscreen: directly paste on the surface of glass or other transparent media.

    - Suspended  transparent LED screen: fixed in the air by the suspension device, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

2. LED pitch:

    - Small-pitch transparent LED screen: The LED pixel pitch is small and the pixel density is high, suitable for close-up viewing, and the effect is better in indoor environments.

    - Large-pitch transparent LED screen: LED dot pitch is large, suitable for long-distance viewing, common in advertising, outdoor plazas and other occasions.

3. Display effect:

    - Monochrome transparent  LED display: can only display monochrome images, suitable for the display of simple text, icons and other content.

    - Full-color transparent LED display: It can display multiple colors and present richer images and video content.

4. Material:

    - Glass substrate transparent LED screen: using glass as the substrate material, it has high transparency and anti-light pollution ability.

    - Film-based transparent LED screen: use special film-based materials, which have high flexibility and plasticity, and can adapt to irregular curved surfaces.

The above are some common categories of transparent LED screens, and different categories are suitable for different scenarios and needs. The specific selection should be based on project requirements, environmental characteristics and budget and other factors for comprehensive consideration.

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