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  • LED transparent screen is more and more widely used

    In recent years, with the continuous development of LED display technology, the market share of various creative LED display products is expanding, and its application scenarios and display effects are more diversified, of which the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the application of LED transparent screen in bars.




  • What kinds of transparent LED displays are there?
    Transparent LED screen is a new type of LED display technology, which is characterized by high transparency and flexibility. According to different classification standards, transparent LED screens are divided into the following categories.
  • LED film screen comprehensive introduction: composition/principle/application/advantage/prospect

    First, what is the LED film screen?


    The LED film screen is an improved and innovative product based on the conventional LED transparent screen. The LED light strip is fixed on the flexible PCB board with high permeability. Through the unique cover adhesive process, the display module is integrated into a high light transmittable substrate with a thickness of 3mm that can be illuminated.



    Second, LED film screen composition


    1. LED film screen module: flexible transparent PCB board and LED lamp beads, mainly display devices

  • Shang Xian new tool -LED film screen

    In the modern business industry, it is very important to showcase your products and services. In order to attract more customers, enterprises need to use advanced technology and tools to display and promote their products. These technologies include LED panels, an emerging display tool that allows businesses to present their products and services in a faster and more efficient way.


  • The advantages and application scenarios of LED film screen

    LED laminate screen is a kind of flexible indoor LED display, which is made of special LED beads and flexible materials. It can be fitted in the wall, ceiling, pillars and other special scenes to form a large screen with high clarity and high color restoration.

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