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  • Shang Xian new tool -LED film screen

    In the modern business industry, it is very important to showcase your products and services. In order to attract more customers, enterprises need to use advanced technology and tools to display and promote their products. These technologies include LED panels, an emerging display tool that allows businesses to present their products and services in a faster and more efficient way.


  • The advantages and application scenarios of LED film screen

    LED laminate screen is a kind of flexible indoor LED display, which is made of special LED beads and flexible materials. It can be fitted in the wall, ceiling, pillars and other special scenes to form a large screen with high clarity and high color restoration.

  • What are the advantages of LED crystal film screen?

    LED crystal film screen is a new display technology, which uses LED as the backlight and encapsulates it on an extremely thin plastic film. This film is like a transparent fax paper, which makes LED crystal film screen have the characteristics of ultra-thin, flexible and transparent.


    Compared with the traditional LED display, LED crystal film screen has obvious advantages.


    First, it can achieve higher clarity and wider viewing Angle, because it uses LED lattice, which is a great improvement in display quality and stability.


  • How to see LED film screen good or bad?

    To see whether the LED film screen is good or bad, in addition to looking at the hardware configuration, production technology, etc., you can start from the following aspects:


    1. Display effect: The display effect of the LED film screen should be clear, transparent and gorgeous, without color difference and deviation.


    2. Brightness: The brightness of the LED film screen should be moderate, not too bright or dark, otherwise it will affect the viewing experience.


  • LED film screen purchase guide

    With the continuous progress of technology and the increasing demand for high definition visual experience, LED film screens have become an increasingly popular type of display. This kind of screen is not only colorful and bright, but also compact, easy to install and easy to operate. If you are ready to buy a piece of LED film screen, Shenzhen Huayi Brothers photoelectric Co., LTD. Xiaobian talk or can help you make a more intelligent choice.



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