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LED film screen comprehensive introduction: composition/principle/application/advantage/prospect

First, what is the LED film screen?


The LED film screen is an improved and innovative product based on the conventional LED transparent screen. The LED light strip is fixed on the flexible PCB board with high permeability. Through the unique cover adhesive process, the display module is integrated into a high light transmittable substrate with a thickness of 3mm that can be illuminated.



Second, LED film screen composition


1. LED film screen module: flexible transparent PCB board and LED lamp beads, mainly display devices


2. Power box: Integrated power supply, HUB switching board, data receiving card, power access interface, signal access interface



Third, LED film screen display principle


The LED film screen is the same as the conventional LED display, which is a self-luminous display. The main display device is the LED lamp bead, which is packaged with RGB pixels, and displays the full-color picture by turning on and off each group of pixels. This is very similar to LCD color TV, through the red, green, blue three colors of different light intensity to achieve color reproduction.



LED film screen is composed of three parts: data acquisition system, control system, and display system. The direction of the data signal is: peripheral equipment - control computer - DVI graphics card - data sending card - data receiving card - HUB switching board - film screen. The signal starts from the HUB switching board and is connected to the LED film screen module through wiring to complete the data transmission.



Four, LED film screen advantages 3 major advantages


1. Lightness and permeability


LED film screen using flexible transparent PC panel, more concise structure, less occlusion. Weight is only 3.5kg/㎡, higher permeability, can be increased by more than 5%.



2. Quick installation and mounting


Not only can be fixed and hoisted, but also can be affixed. Can be quickly mounted on the glass, improve the installation efficiency, due to the light weight of the screen, transportation is also time-saving.



3. More suitable for customization scenarios


In the field of custom engineering, the conventional LED transparent screen needs to be designed in advance of the box structure, if the custom box and the installation area have errors, they also need to rework, wasting time and energy. The LED film screen is much simpler, has a certain degree of flexibility and bendability, can be cut and fitted according to the installation area, even if there is an error, it can be quickly adjusted.


Five, LED film screen 5 major application areas


1. Building glass curtain wall, city landmark floor


2. Business center window, shop facade


3. Station, jewelry shop, car 4S shop, etc


4. Indoor glass guardrail, window advertising


5. Museum, art gallery and other art space display



Six, LED film screen development prospects


As far as the market is concerned, users pay more attention to pre-sale program consultation, after-sales installation and maintenance during the purchase process. The installation and maintenance of the LED film screen is very simple, closer to the feasibility of commercialization, the user only needs to choose the LED film screen point spacing and the required area size, after the manufacturer's simple training, you can install yourself, after saving the installation and construction links, not only can improve the convenience of screen sales, but also reduce user concerns.



By 2025, the market output value of LED film screen is about 1 billion yuan. With the rise of the concept of "new retail", LED film screens play an important role in commercial retail Windows, interior decoration, building facades and other fields, which has brought great changes to new retail. Differentiation and a sense of technology create a better shopping experience without destroying the sense of window design and store design. Many fashion brands, cars, jewelry and other high-end products also like to use LED film screen to enhance the style of the brand, when playing promotional content, the background transparency can not only increase the sense of science and technology. The emergence of new retail will inevitably promote the development of the commercial display market, and also create a certain incremental market for LED film screens.

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