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Transparent LED Display HTC Series

Transparent LED Display HTC Series

HTC Series is the customized transparent led displays, such as the curved, triangle, round, cylindrical, spherical and other shapes, Expand your creativity, let us produce it.

Custom design shape and appearance

Flexible LED transparent screen series, screen structure and shaping can be customized to spherical, arc, cylindrical and so on, can be designed by engineers according to the actual project requirements, shaped screen appearance.

Application places

Why choose us?

We have 11 years of LED display development, manufacturing and engineering construction experience, to provide customers with quality products and services.

Installation and after-sales worry-free

Perfect service system, let you worry free after sale

Creative Solutions

We have a senior R&D and engineering team to relieve your worries.

Caring service

7/24 pre-sales and after-sales support by one-on-one service of senior engineers

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