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How to see LED film screen good or bad?

To see whether the LED film screen is good or bad, in addition to looking at the hardware configuration, production technology, etc., you can start from the following aspects:


1. Display effect: The display effect of the LED film screen should be clear, transparent and gorgeous, without color difference and deviation.


2. Brightness: The brightness of the LED film screen should be moderate, not too bright or dark, otherwise it will affect the viewing experience.


3. Angle of view: The Angle of view of the LED film screen should be broad, that is, viewing from different angles can maintain a good display effect.


4 uniformity: The brightness and color of the LED film screen should be evenly distributed, and there should be no obvious regional brightness or color difference.


5. Color restoration degree: the color restoration degree of the LED film screen should be high, which can truly restore the color of the photographed object.


6 reflection anti-interference: LED film screen should have good reflection anti-interference, to avoid external light interference.


7. Response speed: The response speed of the LED film screen should be fast, which can maintain the fluency of the picture and avoid the appearance of lag or residual image.


8. Contrast: The contrast ratio of the LED film screen is also an important indicator. It should be high, which can make the image more vivid and three-dimensional.


9. Durability: The durability of the LED film screen is also a factor to consider. A good product should have a long service life and stable performance.



10. Price: Finally, we also need to consider the price factor, high price does not mean good quality, we need to make choices according to our actual needs and budget.


In short, to judge the quality of LED film screen needs to consider a number of factors, and the premise is to have enough professional knowledge and experience. If you are not sure how to choose, it is recommended to consult a professional to avoid blindly buying products that do not suit your needs.

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