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Square transparent screen display

Type of box used for LED transparent screen

In recent years, with the rapid development of the LED screen market, LED display screens have derived more and different types of display screens to meet the different needs of customers. Among them, LED transparent screens are widely loved by businesses. With more and more LED display manufacturers, LED transparent screens are also dazzling, and LED transparent screen cabinets have more choices. At present, there are three types of LED transparent screen display cabinets on the market, which three types are specifically, please come and see with the editor!

1. Acrylic box

Acrylic box is one of the most widely used box materials for LED transparent screens in recent years, and it is mainly made of transparent acrylic. Its permeability and aesthetics are much better than aluminum profile boxes, which further strengthens the transparency of LEDs. The display effect of the screen is influenced by the senior acrylic material, which is slightly inferior to the aluminum profile box in terms of heat resistance and plasticity.

2. Aluminum profile box

The aluminum profile box is the mainstream LED transparent screen box material on the market. The color is usually silver and white. The black box can also be customized in combination with special usage scenarios to increase the contrast and integrate into the environment. The aluminum profile box is shockproof and resistant. The characteristics of falling, not easy to deform, and easy to install and remove, when the aluminum profile is used on the LED transparent screen box, it can be well combined with the advantages of the LED transparent screen to ensure the stability of the product, strong and durable, and can be customized for special shapes. , and the aluminum profile box will also affect the transparency and aesthetics of the LED transparent screen to a certain extent.

3. Carbon fiber box

The carbon fiber cabinet is favored by the LED display rental market because of its lightness and thinness and its good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. In recent years, some LED transparent screen manufacturers have used carbon fiber materials in LED transparent screen products. Among them, but because the cost of carbon fiber remains high, there is no large-scale popularization and application for the time being.

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