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Transparent screen Product introduction

(Product introduction)


Transparent screen: transparent LED display, just as its name implies, is a LED display that has the property to let light pass through, just like glasses. With high permeability, ultra-light features, it is an innovation of strip screen, and improvements on ** D ** nufacturing process, packaging and control system. With hollow structure design, eliminated components that blocking sight, the perspective effect is ** ximized.


At the same time, it also has unique display effect, when the au ** nce standing at an ideal distance, the picture seems to suspend on the glass curtain wall. LED transparent screen let LED display to expand the application area to building glass wall and shopping window, it has become a new trend in new media ** rket.


Along with the outdoor advertising, the LED screen is flooded with a series of negative issues, including urban i ** ge problems. LED display can play the function of city lighting and infor ** tion spread, but in the off time it is like a piece of "city scar", misfit the surrounding environment, greatly affected the city's appearance, destroyed the city scenery.

As a result of these problems, the regulation and approval of outdoor large screen installation become more and more complicated, and the ** nagement of outdoor advertisement is becoming more and more strict.

Transparent LED display not only integrates all the advantages of the conventional outdoor high-definition LED display, but also eliminates the problem of urban i ** ge to the ** ximum. Because it is installed in the rear of the glass curtain wall, even if it is not working, it will not have any impact on the surrounding environment. At the same time, because it is indoor advertising to play to outdoor au ** nces, so it can avoid the approval of outdoor advertising.


In addition, with the development of city construction, glass curtain wall has gradually become popular, transparent Led display with its thin, no steel structure, easy installation and low ** intenance, is becoming a best partner with glass curtain wall, not only it has no sense of intrusion, it is fashionable and beautiful, adding atmosphere of modern science and technology to the city building. Therefore, LED transparent screen in the ** rket has won everyone's support, and received widespread attention

LED transparent glass is suitable for medium size LED display advertising application, in the absence of direct sunlight conditions it can be used in daytime, module size can be customized for glass curtain wall to achieve seamless splicing. As long as there is a glass curtain wall, this product can be applied. Such as banks, shopping ** lls, theaters, commercial streets, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, land ** rks, etc.


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