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Do you understand the advantages of LED transparent screens?

After three years of experience and precipitation of the epidemic, the LED transparent screen has been continuously improved and optimized with the development of display technology, from the process and appearance to the application scene. Transparent screens have more prominent advantages in glass curtain walls and shop Windows. Next, what are the advantages of LED transparent screens?



Transparent displays combine all the advantages of basic LED displays while minimizing the aesthetic problems of big cities. Because it is used in scenes installed indoors more, such as in the mall glass curtain wall or behind the shop window. The transparent screen has 85% permeability, which ensures the lighting requirements and perspective range of lighting structures such as floors, glass facades and Windows, and ensures the original lighting penetration of the glass curtain wall. Visual function. So even in the daytime use will not harm the surrounding natural environment. In addition, transparent display using indoor advertising, outdoor communication of the new way, to avoid the review of outdoor signs, installation and maintenance is very convenient.



Transparent screen installation is quick, no steel structure, panel thickness is only 10MM, only plug and play. Can save a lot of installation and maintenance costs, indoor installation and indoor maintenance, and easy. Simple operation with computer, graphics card, remote transceiver connection through network cable, can also be remote cluster wireless control, at any time to change the display content.

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